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Tread Perilously

Apr 19, 2018

Tread Perilously continues its anniversary month by inducting The Incredible Hulk into the Hall of Fame with an episode called "The Psychic."

While working at a San Francisco bodega, David Bruce Banner bumps into Annie, a psychic who quickly learns he is the Hulk. Strapped for cash, she tips off Jack McGee with the creature's rough whereabouts. But upon getting to know more about Banner, she regrets her decision. Meanwhile, Banner contemplates suicide when he learns a boy he may have struck while Hulking out died of his injuries. Will Annie stop him from making the wrong choice? Will McGee's reporter instincts help him suss out the truth of the Hulk's latest attack? And will David Banner ever find peace?

Erik decides he cannot retire The Incredible Hulk from future Tread Perilously episodes. He and Justin wax nostalgic for the grime of San Fransisco and grouse about the price of slab bacon. Justin argues the show would work in the Berlantiverse. Which, of course, means the pair digress into talk about the CW superhero shows. Chili with beans and the Hulk's 5K run become favorite topics. Star Bill Bixby and guest star Brenda Benet receive praise while Erik has a hard time saying "origins" and "oranges."