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Tread Perilously

Jan 6, 2022

Tread Perilously starts 2022 with Total Request Live 5! Four weeks of Patreon listener requests. And it all begins with The Good Wife episode called "Goliath and David."

Alicia accepts the case of a culty rock singer whose orchestration in a cover of a rap track gets used by a network show about kids at a musical band camp. The problem: the singer received no credit or residuals for the elements of the cover which were his creation and his manager failed to get the correct rights from the song's original composer. Will Will use this as a chance to get back at Alicia? Meanwhile, Archie Panjabi tries to learn who fathered Melissa George's baby.

Erik once again asks the question: "Who's Melissa George?" Justin immediately recognizes the real ripped-from-the-headlines case that inspired this episode of The Good Wife. He also introduces the concept of "Aaron Sorkin Face." Erik finds himself a little disappointed in Christine Baranski's restraint throughout the episode. Matthew Lillard is, once again, the MVP. Echoes of Happy! and I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell abound. Justin appreciates that the judge is Uncle Junior. Erik mistakes the breed of Scooby Doo. Milkshake ducks appear and the notion of F. Murray Abraham as a heavy gets shattered.