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Tread Perilously

Jan 25, 2018

Tread Perilously's Grab Bag Month concludes with a special look at CBS's infamous cop dramedy Tequila and Bonetti.

Bonetti, Garcia and Tequila almost capture a notorious sex offender while on the undercover beat. But thanks to a procedural mistake which only occurs on television, he's let go. Consequently, Garcia is targeted by the perp, who also happens to be a disgraced preacher. He manages to get Garcia's daughter out of daycare to prove how easily he can become part of her life, so both Garcia and her daughter move to Bonetti's dance studio/apartment. Meanwhile, Bonetti and Tequila stake out the preacher as he tries to sleaze on a new victim. Will they stop the preacher before he can exact his revenge? Will Garcia's daughter ever enjoy Bonetti's cooking?

Justin and Erik and reduced to their terrible Italian stereotype voices thanks to Jack Scalia's performance as an Italian-American stereotype. They also try to make sense of the show's cartoon premise; including which beach community Bonetti is supposed to be patrolling. They also find too much enjoyment in the weird details about Captain Midian Knight. The 80s get another trashing, despite the fact the show was made in the 1990s. Erik goes on a long walk to tie the Colonel Sanders-looking villain to a Game of Thrones Red Priest. He also explains the importance of a television child saying the phrase "I hate you forever."