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Tread Perilously

Mar 21, 2019

Tread Perilously returns to the South Coast for the most "normal" episode of Tequila and Bonetti yet: "Reel Life."

Despite a rash of gangland slayings, Captain Midian Knight reassigns visiting Detective Nico Bonetti to supervise top film star Chad Rydell on a ride-along. When Bonetti tries to weasel out of it, he gets threaten repeatedly with traffic duty. Rydell turns out to be an amalgam of every Southern California stereotype except a surfer dude. But he's convinced he can learn to be a real cop by imitating Bonetti's looks and manner. Will it lead to his downfall when the pair get close to the gangland killer?

Special Review Unit's executive ADA Louis Allred joins Erik and Justin for the latest trip to South Coast. He discusses the terrible quality to Tequila's dubbing. Justin champions guest character Ursula as the pride of Latveria. Erik marvels at the lack of a Bonetti cooking scene. Seth Rogen ends up on the hot seat. Sgt. Nuzo gets the spotlight thanks to his belief in RoboCop. Justin's love of neon tubes is reignited thanks to a set featured in this episode and all three learn about the importance of autogyros at Coachella.