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Tread Perilously

Feb 3, 2022

Tread Perilously starts a Grab Bag month with the penultimate episode of Supertrain -- "The Green Girl."

When Supertrain hosts a televised poker tournament, all the cardsharps from around the country climb aboard for a chance at the $500,000 pot. They're all eccentric and rich enough not to notice the prize money is slowly being replaced with counterfeit currency by the newest addition to the circuit. Will Chief of Operations Wayne Randall discover the truth in time or will he abscond to Cabo San Lucas with the criminal and her ill-gotten gains? Also, can the Big Lewbowski, Roddy McDowall, Cleavon Little, and Clyde Kusatsu save this from derailing?

Erik's faith in Supertrain finally wanes. A Battlestar Galactica digression breaks out. Music streaming services get reviewed for reasons. A split decision occurs over The Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up." The choice to use Texas Hold 'Em in Casino Royale gets examined. Justin suggests P.J. Soles as a better choice for this week's key guest role. Jodie Foster enters the discussion, as does James Garner. Overboard might be a worse film than Soldier, but the listener will have to decide. Memories of Supertrain's Weird Baby Man come into play and more Book of Boba Fett talk occurs.