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Tread Perilously

Oct 28, 2021

Tread Perilously's "Creatures of the Night" month concludes with the annual visit to Supernatural. But it stays on theme as Sam and Dean face vampires in an episode called "Bloodlust."

Still grieving their father, the Winchesters hit the road once more. Dean suspects reports of beheadings and cattle mutilations in a Montana town means a nest of vampires. His suspicions are confirmed when they run into Gordon, another hunter who specializes in bloodsuckers. But can he be trusted? And will Dean's sudden need for a father figure lead him to miss critical clues about Gordon and the nest he's tracking?

Justin realizes he made a happy accident thanks to the presence of Sterling K. Brown as a guest star. He and Erik immediately get lost in the "Then" of it all. Their inability to recall the name of the handsome actor who plays the Winchester father calls down technical difficulties from the heavens. Along the way, they evaluate the oeuvre of Steven Soderbergh. Fred Krueger turns out to be a good tipper down at the murder factory. Erik admits his Supernatural "song" is the War of the Angels. Pepper Potts once again gets high marks and the pair try to cast a good therapist for the hunters.