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Tread Perilously

Oct 26, 2017

Tread Perilously's TV Horror month concludes with a visit from Sam and Dean Winchester for the Supernatural episode known as "All Dogs Go to Heaven."

Crowley sends Sam and Dean to Buffalo in order to investigate a rash of deadly maulings. Crowley suspects it might be an Alpha werewolf, which he needs for his plans. After meeting a man seemingly involved in the earlier attacks, the Winchesters realize the perpetrator is the family dog. They soon uncover a pack of Skinwalkers plotting some sort of slow-motion invasion. Can Sam and Dean convince the family dog to let his family live?

Erik declares "All Dogs Go to Heaven" to be the worst episode of Supernatural. Jared Leto intrudes on the proceedings. Justin explains the mistakes made in Supernatural's sixth season; from bad pacing to flat jokes. Erik identifies one of the guest actors as "Canadian Lois Lane" only to discover that she's related to Margot Kidder. Justin notices that Sam standing in a park at night is more terrifying than the monster of the week. Both applaud the episode for making the right choice in the end, but Sam's soullessness leaves Erik remembering other times Dean ended up in Hell.