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Tread Perilously

Sep 10, 2020

Tread Perilously's Star Trek month continues with Star Trek: The Next Generation's Season 2 premiere, "The Child."

While transferring the new chief medical officer, Doctor Katherine Pulaski, to the Enterprise, an energy form crosses paths with the ship and decides to become human. Embedding itself in Counselor Troi, she soon experiences a heavily accelerated pregnancy. Meanwhile, an outbreak of plasma plague forces Captain Picard to allow a cargo of dangerous virus samples aboard. Will Troi's alien child disturb the samples? And will it ever admit its reasons for becoming a real boy?

Erik and Justin immediately launch into a discussion of KISS as Erik's impression of Ace Frehley becomes an unlikely guest. The episode's origins as a script written for Star Trek: Phase II get discussed while Dr. Beverly Crusher's absence does not go unnoticed. Geordi's promotion is declared one of the show's smartest decisions. Justin recalls the time he visited the Next Generation set. He also marvels at how an episode ostensibly about Counselor Troi isn't actually about Counselor Troi. Erik both praises and criticizes Brent Spiner's performance in one scene and the pair try to determine what sort of New Wave band Troi's child, Ian Andrew, would front.