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Tread Perilously

Sep 24, 2020

Tread Perilously's annual Star Trek month concludes with an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise called "United."

With Trip and Reed stuck on the Romulan droneship, Archer must convince Shran and the Tellarite ambassadors to work together. It might sound simple, but in the previous episode, one of the Tellarites aboard Enterprise shot Shran's life-mate. And once she succumbs to her wounds, the hot-tempered Andorian demands satisfaction. Will Hoshi and Mayweather figure out Andorian customs in time for Archer to intervene or will the Tellatire ambassador taste the cold steel of Shran's ice-axe? And will Trip and Reed figure out a way to take control of the drone?

Erik and Justin are stunned to see Captain Archer make a positive change. They shower Shran -- and guest star Jeffrey Combs -- with praise. Fellow guest star Brian Thompson also wins high marks as a Romulan commander. Erik even praises the new Star Trek: Lower Decks! The appearance of Remans proves successful. The early Star Trek: Deep Space Nine uniforms get critiqued. Justin envisions "Trip-Hulk." The pair examine the Andorian blood-challenge and the species' cold-weather gear. Does it all add up to an episode of Enterprise Erik and Justin actually like?