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Tread Perilously

Jul 16, 2020

Tread Perilously's Patreon request month finally offers Erik an excuse to watch Spenser: For Hire with the episode called "The Big Fight."

When Spenser's old boxing manager comes back to town asking for a favor, he soon learns the guy sold him out to be murdered. Despite this, Spenser still wants to help his old pal -- even when Hawk rightly surmises that the former manager is bad news. But when Spenser learns who really wants him dead, he decides to walk into a various obvious trap. Will Hawk bail him out in time or will Spenser be for hire no more?

Erik and Justin try to determine if a boxing plot always leads to a poor episode of television. It, of course, leads to a Battlestar Galactica discussion. They also realize the four main Spenser characters are all in different series and pay all due homage to a man called Hawk -- which has nothing to do with his resemblance to the Emissary. Justin outlines the Latverian quarter of Boston: Little Doomstadt. He also tries to explain "covering the spread" in a sports context to Erik. Johnny Five Fishes, the Passive-Aggressive Gangster makes his debut. The pair fall in love with John C. McGinley's late-80s yuppie scumbag character and try to re-envision him as DC Comics villain the Sportsmaster.