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Tread Perilously

Oct 22, 2020

Tread Perilously performs television necromancy by discussing the nearly forgotten SeaQuest DSV and its "haunted" episode "Knight of Shadows."

Late one night, Captain Nathan Bridger recounts recent events to the hologram of his deceased wife. Seventy-two hours earlier, Bridger's hologram machine receives a message containing coordinates. The heading indicates it may be the resting place of the George, a long-lost ship with a spitting resemblance to the RMS Titanic. The SeaQuest crew discover it has a bubble of air and a number of skeletons. And if that wasn't eerie enough, Dr. Westphalen quickly becomes possessed by the spirit of a passenger named Lillian. But is the real secret behind this haunting horrifying or "heartwarming?"

Erik and Justin remind themselves of SeaQuest's premise while Justin suggests the episode writer may not have been familiar with haunted house stories. He also issues a disclaimer: his opinion of the character Jonathan Brandis plays in the episode does not reflect Justin's opinion of Brandis himself. Erik can't get over the fact the show just bold-face declares that ghosts are real. He also turns Jon Connington into the Red Robin of Westeros. Justin accuses actor Royce D. Applegate of being a landlubber and it's probably not a huge leap to guess SeaQuest will return to Tread Perilously.