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Tread Perilously

Jan 10, 2019

Tread Perilously continues its primetime soaps months with the late 90s sci-fi teen drama Roswell. Specifically, a third season episode called "Control."

As Max continues his attempt to save his son, his journey leads him to a big shot Hollywood producer who happens to be one of the shapeshifting bodyguards sent to protect him fifty years prior. When Max discovers the producer must obey his direct orders, they plan to steal their UFO back from a nearby Air Force base. Meanwhile, Isabel is stunned to discover no one is excited about her upcoming wedding to Jesse. Also, Liz and Maria are in this episode.

Erik and Justin quickly get derailed to discuss Star Trek, which was also a UPN series for a time. They also express their puzzlement over Ronald D. Moore's producer role on Outlander. Colin Hanks gets compared to Chloe Sullivan, but NOT Allison Mack. Erik suspects Roswell may have been the source of some of Twilight's characters and structure. Both are surprised by Jason Behr's performance. They also cannot figure out why everyone is mad at Max and Isabel's adoptive mother. A close-up look at one scene leads Justin to soften his opinion on Katherine Heigl and Erik recalls the interim technology of the early 21st Century.