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Tread Perilously

Oct 8, 2020

Tread Perilously's month of "haunted" episodes continues with Quantum Leap's peculiar "The Boogieman."

October 31st, 1964. Sam leaps into the body of middling horror writer Joshua Ray. He happens to live in a sleepy Maine town and is engaged to the organist at the local Presbyterian church. But when the town handyman is apparently killed by a goat only Sam can see and hear, it's time for the Leaper to get serious about solving the eventual murder of the organist before it happens. Was it the town sheriff? The overly-eager novice writer Steve? Or is Sam destined to become a murderer himself?

Erik and Justin immediately dub the spectral goat as "White Philip." A truly horrific backstory for the character ensues. Justin digs into Quantum Leap's very long credit sequence. Erik determines Joshua Ray's home is the same one used on Eight Is Enough. The pair marvel at the power they immediately gave to White Philip. They also try to find the right nickname for the shifty town sheriff. Another round of Manimal fan-casting occurs. Justin loses his mind over the show's blasé attitude toward psychokinesis. He's also convinced gray aliens love Bugles brand corn snacks. The regularly scheduled Star Wars content turns the Presbyterian Church into the Jedi Order and Erik once again rallies against the great storytelling sins.