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Tread Perilously

Jul 9, 2020

Tread Perilously's month of Patron requests continues with its first ever episode of Murder, She Wrote -- "Death Takes A Dive."

When Harry McGraw (special guest Jerry Orbach) invites Jessica Fletcher to see the prizefighter he "inherited" from someone who owed him $5,000, she finds herself involved in the complex and often corrupt world of professional boxing. And when a hilariously crooked promoter (played by special guest star Adam West) turns up dead, Harry becomes the prime suspect; leaving Jessica to manage the prizefighter. Will she be able to exonerate Harry, get her boxer a fair fight, and solve half the problems in Boston before the count of ten?

Erik and Justin marvel over the list of guest stars -- Jerry Orbach! Adam West! LeVar Burton! John Amos! Ernest Borgnine! Bradford Dillman! Erik credits YouTuber Pushing Up Roses for everything he knows about Murder, She Wrote. He also teases the next episode of the classic CBS series Tread Perilously will cover. Justin wonders why Ernest Borgnine is playing such a small part, but has no problem believing he could lay Adam West out flat. A Geography Corner breaks out when Justin and Erik try to figure out which L.A. City park is doubling for Boston. They also find the optics of Harry McGraw "inheriting" a boxer quite problematic and Erik accidentally invokes the Regan demon.