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Tread Perilously

Aug 11, 2022

Tread Perilously's summer Patreon request month leads to a forgotten corner of 1970s television with the Movin' On episode called "The Cowhands."

When Sonny Pruitt and an old friend challenge each other to rodeo antics, the friend ends up in the hospital. Pruitt agrees to move the rodeo to a nearby town and take care of the cashbox. Soon enough, the rodeo owner's ex-wife appears to take charge and admit she was always sweet on Pruitt. Can they get the rodeo ready for a key show? Also, will they be able to keep their young hot-shot bullrider from singing with a bigger promoter?

Erik and Justin get lost in the 1970s of it all. Justin attempts to figure out Movin' On's premise from the episode itself. Gene Simmons claims a most grandiose invention. The career of Claude Akins gets some examination. Santa Clarita does not fare well in a geography corner analysis. The pair try to determine the title of a rodeo emcee. They also re-imagine the episode's plot with John D. Cort and Eddie from Baywatch. A Martinez appears as the young rider and Tina Louise proves to be the episode MVP. Also, John Wayne gets his just deserts.