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Tread Perilously

Dec 22, 2022

Tread Merrily 2022 concludes with a look at Moonlighting via an episode called "It's a Wonderful Job."

When Maddie loses her aunt and forces the team to work over Christmas, she wishes she'd never kept the detective agency open. Her guardian angel, Albert, obliges and the past two years change in remarkable ways. Ms. DiPesto runs a greeting card company with an iron fist. David is marrying Cheryl Tiegs. But Maddie soon finds their successes came at a cost and maybe, just maybe, it is a wonderful job at Blue Moon Detective Agency. But will an unlikely crossover change the fate of everyone involved?

Erik suddenly finds mid-1980s Cybill Shepherd really attractive. Justin ends up disappointed at the lack of Curtis Armstrong. The pair take a closer look at Bruce Willis than they intended, but Erik continues to champion Die Hard 2. The pronunciation of "Namor" gets settled. Eva Green is suspected of possessing The Darkhold. Erik admits to his lack of Warhammer 40,000 knowledge. Justin stumbles on the Hart to Hart moment. He also offers a brief Cobra Kai season four review. Moonlighting's unusual lighting scheme is explored and mid-80s styles once again prove to be the true villain.