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Tread Perilously

Jul 3, 2019

As the Grab Bag month continues, Tread Perilously returns to Manimal for an episode that could only be called "Scrimshaw."

When Manimal, Police Woman, and Corky (special guest star Meeno Peluce) go for a day trip to nearby islands, they discover a scrimshaw with curious details. Corky's grandfather Sea Dog (special guest star Keenan Wynn) realizes it is the key to a lost treasure, but others also know about the scrimshaw and will stop at nothing to retrieve it. The adventure takes Manimal to a bar by the docks where plays pirate, a north Atlantic island filled with sinkholes, and the depths of Sea Dog's shaggy sea stories.

Erik and Justin determines that Jason Todd sucks. They get their from a discussion about Corky. Erik offers a brief review of Dark Phoenix; suggesting Onslaught would've been a better story to adapt. Justin discusses the difficult in writing flirting for television. He also learns a surprising truth about Meeno Peluce. His specialization in aquatic life allows him to get a good "Well, actually..." on Erik. The YouTube algorithm serves up some questionable videos. Erik's dislike of Adrian Brody comes to the surface once again. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra returns and the pair suspect Corky and Sea Dog were meant to get their own television series.