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Tread Perilously

Aug 8, 2019

It's Patreon Total Request Live! Tread Perilously answers the first of the Patron requests with an episode of MacGyver called, oddly enough, "Walking Dead."

When MacGyver finds the Hatian corner of his neighborhood is plagued by former members of the Tonton Macoute, he and Mama Lorraine infiltrate a ceremony intended to turn a community activist into a zombie. No, really! Well, the sort of actual zombification possible through drugs. Mama Lorraine has an amount of the antidote, but will she have to use it on MacGyver when he gets caught by Colonel Devraux, the man terrorizing the neighborhood?

Patron Jed's unspecified request for a MacGyver episode leads to the worst rated episode on the IMDB list and, of course, racism! Erik offers some praise for Mass Effect: Andromeda even with its story issues and the lack of the Quarian Ark. Justin unveils his "Bane 2020" initiative. The episode's fictional Little Haiti leads to another geography corner. Manimal's Black Partner -- actor Michael D. Roberts -- makes a surprise appearance. Justin and Erik debate whether or not zombies can be part of the Ninja Empire. They also describe the contents of a typical East L.A. liquor store and compliment MacGyver's fair play with a non-Christian religion ... at least until the racism makes a most shocking debut.