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Tread Perilously

Feb 10, 2022

Tread Perilously introduces a new sitcom into the Grab Bag rotation with the It's A Living episode called "Boys of Summer."

When a Minor League team checks into the hotel, the staff at Above the Top get involved with its members in a variety of ways. Maggie manages to both flirt with and insult the team manager at every turn. Dot takes pity on a Costa Rican pitcher whose whole future rests on winning the series. Cassie refuses to give the star hitter the time of day and Jan goes into extra innings with the third baseman. Will the team win their games? And will Sonny Mann ever get to play his set?

Erik carefully peels back the onion to prove why It's A Living is important despite getting lost in the TV landscape. Justin ruminates on why it was so easily forgotten. The stories of Ann Jillian and Louise Lasser get told. Sort of, anyway. Justin finds his way to It's A Living's premise and tries to examine the program via the Four Temperament Ensemble principle. The Golden Girls comes up frequently. A Terminator favorite makes a special appearance. The Minor League Baseball player look is nearly defined. Erik is convinced George Clooney is preventing him from finding episodes of E/R and, surprisingly, sports humor occurs.