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Tread Perilously

May 2, 2019

Tread Perilously once again turns its attention to series finales, starting with Gotham; a show which just ended with last week's "In the Beginning..."

Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham ten years after No Man's Land to find it rebuilt, Jim Gordon still the police commissioner, Harvey Bullock a captain, Barbara Keen a real estate developer and Selina a cat burglar. But not all is shiny and bright in fair Gotham. The Penguin is getting out of prison and someone has broken the Riddler out of Arkham Asylum. Are they working together again or does someone else hold the cards? Also, reports of a new winged menace have crooks scared and Jim ready to retire. Will he walk away from Gotham after he meets the Bat-Man?

Erik and Justin declare a new hatred of Batman and a love for Bane, the champion of the people. They also discuss their distrust of J.J. Abrams and Ron Moore. Donal Logue gets named MVP, but Justin never cottons to Robin Lord Taylor's Penguin. The Dark Knight gets a new critical trouncing. Justin recalls trying to watch the Gotham pilot while Erik compliments the show's sense of madness. They also discover the Joker is a hard role to innovate and the startling truth about Jeremiah Valeska.