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Tread Perilously

May 16, 2019

Tread Perilously's month of series finales continues with a look at "Always," the final episode of Friday Night Lights.

As Coach Taylor gets ready to take the team to the state championship, Matt Saracen returns with an important question for Julie. Coach's wife considers a job offer in Philadelphia and Tyra ponders her future. Jess finds that she must move to Dallas. Tim Riggins tries to build a house and Luke offers Becky a chance at a very different life. Will everyone get what they want? Will the Lions win State?

Erik latches on to a flaw in Coach Taylor, suggesting to Justin that he wants to hate Friday Night Lights. Justin defends the show's choice to address only long-running stories in its finale. Erik defends the quality of Die Hard 2. Justin reveals his football knowledge is limited to the specifics of Dillon, Texas. Erik notes the presence of Killmonger, Black Lightning and Black Canary in the cast. Both recommend the film Tuff Turf for various reasons. Justin defends Arya's recent decisions on Game of Thrones (though Episode 3). Erik temporally accepts the existence of Tim Riggins so Justin can explain the union of House Riggins and House Collette and Erik learns that Grandma Saracen matters.