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Tread Perilously

Dec 7, 2023

Tread Perilously's Doctor Who celebration continues with the second 60th anniversary special, "Wild Blue Yonder."

After Donna accidentally pours coffee into the TARDIS console -- and a quick stop to alter Isaac Newton's famous day under the apple tree -- she and The Doctor materialize on an enormous but empty ship. Soon, the TARDIS senses a threat and vanishes, leaving the two travels to discover the mystery of the vessel stranded on the very edge of the universe. Will they face dark truths and even deadlier threats? Will The Flux continue to matter? And will they ever see Wilf?

Erik pushes against the production's assertion that this is "unlike anything seen on Doctor Who before." He also cites "Midnight" and "42" in the discussion. Justin stumbles on a piece of established lore. Chris Chibnall comes up in a certain light. A digression into fantasy films leads to an appreciation of Sandahl Bergman. The pair also discuss the mavity of the situation and try to determine why "Wild Blue Yonder" was chosen to be featured in the episode. Cenobites end up crewing the Event Horizon mess hall. Fremen cuisine is theorized. Erik explains elements of The Flux and the Timeless Child. Justin presents two readings of The Exorcist and the ending of Loki's second season is finally explored.