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Tread Perilously

Apr 13, 2023

Doctor Who Month continues as Tread Perilously materializes for the two-part Doctor Who tale "The Stolen Earth" & "Journey's End."

When Donna receives a message from Rose about a coming darkness, she and The Doctor land on Earth just in time to see it snatched away to somewhere else in space and time. While they try to find its location, The Doctor's friends still on the planet gather to face an invasion of Daleks. Will they prove Dalek creator Davros's suspicions about The Doctor? Or will the mad scientist once again end up a victim of Time? Also, will The Doctor and Rose reunite and will Donna ever be the same after this adventure?

Erik and Justin prepare for a Russell T. Davies story by comparing it to Steven Moffat's writing tendencies. Billie Piper proves to be a welcome return after years of Rose being one of the less likable companions. A discussion about the episode's momentum and J.J. Abrams breaks out. The Supreme Dalek earns a sketch all his own. Erik declares the appropriate social media platforms for Davies and Moffat and points out the slight difference in the 10.5 Doctor. Justin continues to champion Douglas Adams as a top-tier Doctor Who writer. The pair try to determine if Donna is the best of the modern Who companions and "the Guy Spectrum" is defined.