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Tread Perilously

Nov 30, 2023

Tread Perilously's celebration of Doctor Who at 60 continues with the first of the new anniversary specials, "The Star Beast."

Still bewildered by regenerating into a previous face, The Doctor lands in Camden and almost immediately runs into former companion Donna Noble. She can never remember her travels with the Time Lord or her mind will literally burn away. Nevertheless, circumstances keep bringing them together as The Doctor encounters Donna's husband, Shaun, and their daughter, Rose. And to make matters worse, an alien has found its way into Rose's backyard shed, forcing The Doctor to reveal himself and confront the possibility that Donna might die.

Justin's appreciation for Peter Davison continues. Erik confronts the weird sensation in welcoming David Tennant back to the role. He also expresses some frustration with the reaction to the recent Mystery Science Theater 3000 crowdfunding campaign. Justin points out a certain retcon in Donna's return. Praise is heaped upon Russell T. Davies. Geography Corner leads to Camden Market and old Pasadena movie theaters. Shaun proves to be popular. The slight weirdness in the timeline regarding Rose leads to a lot of callbacks. "Old Douglas" debuts and Erik makes a case for the theatrical cut of Blade Runner.