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Tread Perilously

Jun 2, 2016

Erik and Justin's Doctor Who excursion brings them to 1988 and "The Happiness Patrol," a Sylvester McCoy episode featuring the infamous Kandy Man.

The Doctor and Ace land on Terra Alpha, an Earth colony in the grip of the Thatcher-esque Helen A. With her Happiness Patrol, she intends to enforce cheer and happiness across the planet. She also seems to be in the sugar business, but that part of the story is less precise. When the Doctor decides to get involved, he is sent to the Kandy Kitchen, where he confronts a being that is part robot and part marzipan.

Justin discovers he likes the Kandy Man and wishes the story was more about him while Erik tries to wrap himself around the story's odd editing choices and the correct pronunciation of director Chris Clough's name. Will this story end up Justin's favorite of the John Nathan-Turner era?