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Tread Perilously

Dec 28, 2023

Tread Perilously wraps up the year with one more Doctor Who treat: the 2023 Christmas special, "The Church on Ruby Road."

Despite being born on Christmas Eve Day, Ruby Sunday is having a rough spot of bad luck. Or is it something else? When her mum agrees to foster a newborn, goblins appear to snatch the infant away for their own Christmas feast. But luckily for Ruby, she's about to meet The Doctor. Will they become fast friends? Is her luck more about a string of coincidence even The Doctor cannot see? And why does Mrs. Flood recognize the blue box parked on her street?

Special Review Unit Captain Charlie Wright returns for her annual introduction to something new and baffling -- Doctor Who in a nutshell. But will she love her first ever episode of the 60-year-old program? Ncuti Gatwa finally takes center stage as The Doctor and the results are amazing. Millie Gibson makes an impression on Justin while Erik immediately theorizes about Ruby's parentage. Of course, a few other suggestions make their way into the discussion. Charlie attempts to explain the premise of the show. Gerd Shockley makes one last appearance for the year and Erik gets to legitimately ask the Tread Perilously question for the first time in ages.