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Tread Perilously

Jul 28, 2022

Tread Perilously's summer Grab Bag month concludes with the first episode of Cop Rock.

When the LAPD busts in on an alleged crack den, an alleged rap song breaks out. The next morning, a woman arrested at the den pleads with officers to let her go for the sake of her baby, who was also taken into custody at the crack den. Meanwhile, all the men who were running the operation have gone free on an overcrowding technicality and all the cops are livid -- but not livid enough to sing. Instead, a musical breaks out at an unrelated trial and the local CSI sings a ballad about his unlikely marriage to the cutest patrol officer in Rampart Division. It might be a gritty crime drama, but it's also Cop Rock!

Erik and Justin finally see a verifiable portal into Hell. Both try to stave off the madness by recounting similarities to The Shield's much better pilot. Rampart Division is explained even as horror icons like Fred Krueger join its ranks. Justin argues the CSI is the best singer while Erik falls for a poorly realized song about graft in the mayor's office. Ronny Cox may or may not appear at some point. Urine becomes a runner and George Clooney once again succeeds in his mission.