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Tread Perilously

Apr 5, 2018

Tread Perilously celebrates its third anniversary with a month of treading safely and inaugurating a Hall of Fame of shows that faced the perilous test. The first inductee: Burn Notice.

In "Bad Breaks," Michael Weston and Jason Bly find themselves held hostage in a private bank at the hands of professional bank thief Prescott (everyone's favorite guest star, Mark A. Sheppard). Forced to fight the bank robbers "like a spy," Michael sets out to make "acts of man look like acts of God." But will Bly make his task harder? Meanwhile, Sam Axe tries to set up a long-term fling with a beer millionaire who owns multiple houses across the Caribbean and who wants nothing more than to relax.

Erik and Justin almost immediately get sidetracked by a discussion of Legends of Tomorrow. Erik discovers the black mold of geopolitics while Justin praises Sharon Gless's role across the whole of Burn Notice. Erik mistakes Antigua for a fictional country and Justin learns about Silicon Valley's hot tub culture. He refuses to believe "Jock Ewing" and "Digger Barnes" are real names from the TV show Dallas. Mark Sheppard's presence in the episode leads to another Battlestar Galactica discussion. Erik learns the real conflict between Michael Weston and Bly and attempts to do a Sheppard impression.