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Tread Perilously

Dec 15, 2022

Tread Merrily makes a stop at Beverly Hills 90210 for an episode they had to call "It's a Totally Happening Life."

When Miriam, an angel in training, notices the gang is headed for trouble, she alerts her supervisor, Clarence. The two watch a recap of current events. Both Andrea and Brandon are newly split from their respective steadies. Brenda and Kelly are trying to maintain a friendly situation with each other and Dylan. Donna is attempting to keep the school's Christmas charity from collapsing while David grouses about the fact all his friends will graduate in six months. Also, Steve is in a lot of detention. But will any of that matter when Miriam reveals the real danger the kids are driving toward?

Justin immediately identifies a certain senioritis in the episode's plotting. The ages of the actors becomes an unavoidable topic. Erik finds an unlikely role for Luke Perry. Both come out on the side of Jeanie Bueller. Geography Corner centers on the failed I-710 completion project and its proximity to the Walsh house. The actors playing Miriam and Clarence lead to unexpected avenues. Erik extols some of Die Hard 2's virtues. A question about Dana Barron's filmography leads to a Death Wish discussion. "This Corrosion" becomes an unlikely holiday anthem and the nature of "French films" comes into question.