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Tread Perilously

Feb 2, 2023

"The Ballad of John D. Cort" continues as Tread Perilously heads back to the beach for an episode of Baywatch called "Snake Eyes."

When John D. Cort invites Shauni and Eddie to an illegal casino aboard a rusting boat, he thinks it's all in good fun. But when Eddie catches a streak of beginner's luck and wins $2,000, he also catches the gold fever. Returning to the boat the next day, he gives it all back and signs a marker totaling three grand. Will he come clean to Shauni and the others? And will Cort figure out a way to bail out his hapless pal?

Erik and Justin try to determine Cort's G.I. Joe codename. Eddie's failures as a character leave them to question if it's all a joke at actor Billy Warlock's expense. Several TV shows get pitched thanks to Cort's hijinks. The Full Peril film list continues to grow. Werner Herzog returns. Justin becomes the expert in a beach-focused Geography Corner. Erik explains why David Hasselhoff and Sharon Stone never shared the screen. Justin outlines what a date with John D. Cort would be like. He also finds something to like about Mitch. Comedian Brian Haley gets a special spotlight and Casino becomes the most important film recommendation of the last few weeks.