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Tread Perilously

Oct 19, 2023

Tread Perilously's werewolf month is the perfect excuse to crack open the Baywatch Nights DVD box set for an episode called "Zargtha."

When Mitch and Ryan discover a dead body on the beach, they become involved in a curious case of a werewolf-like creature who immigrated from the former Yugoslavia. Unfortunately for the Southern California beaches, it also needs to hunt and kill teenage runaways. Will Mitch turn out to be the best werewolf hunter in town? Will Ryan learn the truth of the Zargtha before it's too late? Will Teague's exposition make any sense? And will the youth shelter director make out with Mitch?

Justin learns why they call it Baywatch Nights. He and Erik discuss the problem of a Baywatch spinoff starring David Hasselhoff while he's still starring on Baywatch. Pamela Anderson invades the discussion. The structure of Nights also has its effects on Erik and Justin. Angie Harmon's performance in this episode gets reviewed. Conversations about Ahsoka and The X-Files occur. A theory emerges about My So-Called Life's never-seen Tino. Erik discusses episode writer Maurice Hurley's Star Trek connection. Justin enumerates various other failed shows that succeed better than Baywatch Nights and the migrant werewolf crisis becomes a hot-button issue.