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Tread Perilously

Oct 1, 2020

Tread Perilously begins a month of haunting television with the Angel episode called "Rm w/a Vu."

When Cordelia's apartment gets overrun with roaches and Doyle's debts in the favor-based economy catch up with him, Angel offers to help the demon if he can find Cordy a new place to live. As it happens, Doyle knows a guy and she moves into a fab one-bedroom in the Hollywood Hills. It's rent-controlled, too, but it does have one little catch: the ghost of the building's original owner and her hatred of any woman who would come near her son, Dennis. Will Angel and Doyle figure out a way to exorcise the ghost or will Cordy figure out a way to deal with her apartment's quirk?

The haunting at Tread Perilously starts early as Justin and Erik have to re-record the first 20 minutes of the podcast. Doyle's plot drives them both batty as well. Other elements of Angel's early reality create issues for Justin. Erik declares "socially-awkward Angel" as his favorite take on the character. The probability of an exorcist setting up shop in Koreatown leads to one of the better Geography Corner segments. Erik respects actor Beth Grant's commitment to Sparkle Motion and Tommy Wiseau somehow ends up mattering to the proceedings.