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Tread Perilously

Dec 21, 2023

Tread Perilously goes back to the beginning of the DoctorDonna with the 2006 Doctor Who Christmas special "The Runaway Bride."

The Doctor's attempt to dwell on Rose Tyler's departure gets interrupted when Donna Noble materializes aboard the TARDIS in a wedding dress. She was moments from getting married and is in quite a state to now be on a spaceship with a very thin and maudlin Time Lord. Will The Doctor get her to the church on time? Will the Santa roboforms from the previous year's Christmas invasion get in the way? And will Donna's fiancé prove to be a poor choice?

Erik and Justin discuss the latest Gallifrey One announcements and the fate of Dead Again. They get lost in the weeds discussing obscure media, the ghost of Arthur Fonzarelli, and the Babylon 5 hot shot pilot from Season 2. They also find things to like about "The Giggle." Justin's attempt to find the episode reveals the limits of technology. Wilf's absence during the wedding gets some fanon (and the real world reason for it). The pair try to figure out Nerys and warn writers away from employing Jack the Ripper in their work. A youthful David Tennant inspires feelings of mortality and Erik can't stop casting new actors in old TV shows reboots.