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Tread Perilously concludes its celebration of Star Trek's 50th Anniversary with the last episode of any Star Trek series until 2017: the Star Trek: Enterprise finale, "These are the Voyages."

Ten years after Enterprise NX-01 set out to seek new life forms and new civilizations, the ship is heading home to be decommissioned. But Captain Archer's old Andorian pal Shran needs his help one last time before the formation of a coalition that will become the United Federation of Planets. Of course, that's all ancient history to Commander William Riker of the late 24th Century's U.S.S. Enterprise, who is watching a holodeck representation of Enterprise's final journey before making a fateful decision of his own.

Justin and Erik discuss the Star Trek's producer Rick Berman's need for Pioneer Chicken and his complete fatigue in running the franchise. They also get distracted by Remans, Ensign Hoshi, vampire Vulcans, and the unlikely heartthrob status of Connor Trinneer. They also suggest that the new series needs Andorians, Orion Liberated Women and some of the creatures from Star Trek: The Animated Series.

A Betazoid romance novel may also be discussed.

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Tread Perilously continues its celebration of Star Trek's 50th Anniversary with one of the driest and worst performed episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -- "Move Along Home."

When a race of Gamma Quadrant aliens known as the Wadi visit in at Quark's, his manipulation of the Dabo wheel leads to a strange name called Chula. Meanwhile, Sisko, Kira, Dax and Bashir wake up in a strange Wonderland where character actor Joel Brooks entices them to "move along home." Odo suspects the two events may be connected.

Erik and Justin contemplate Joel Brooks' infamy as an '80s guest villain, Nana Visitor's terrible performance in the episode and hopscotch. Justin offers two ways to view the episode while Erik suggests it would work better as either an episode of The Original Series or as a later season episode of DS9. The final appearance of Lt. Primmin is noted and Justin reveals a race of Gamma Quadrant aliens from the first season which work better in later context than the Wadi.

The discussion may wander into why modern sci-fi shows are more comfortable with humorous scenes.

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Tread Perilously continues its 50th anniversary celebration of Star Trek with one of the worst regarded episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation: "Code of Honor."

The Enterprise goes to Ligon II to open trade with its inhabitants and secure a vaccine for a fever plaguing other Federation worlds. When the planet's leader, Lutan, kidnaps Lt. Yar, Picard must navigate the customs of Ligonian culture to secure the release of his security chief. If he fails, he will be left with no treaty, no vaccine and no Lt. Yar.

Erik and Justin once again enter the minefield of overt racism as episode director Russ Mayberry made the choice to turn Ligon into a space version of the darkest Africa stereotype from pulp novels and B-pictures. There's also a side order of chauvinism as Lt. Yar is largely absent from her own story. Meanwhile, the strange scenes re-introducing the main cast give Erik and Justin an excuse to talk about the characters as they were first envisioned. They also try to figure out why Worf is missing.

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Tread Perilously celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek's debut with a look at the final episode of the original series: "Turnabout Intruder."

When a bitter scientist leaps into Kirk's body, it's up to Spock and McCoy to determine why the captain is acting so strange. When Spock discovers the truth, he is charged with mutiny as the scientist continues to lose her grip on command of the Enterprise. Meanwhile, William Shatner gets an opportunity to act his heart out.

Erik and Justin discuss the institutional sexism on display as the episode seems to outline -- with gusto -- why there are no female captains in the 2260s. Guest actor Sandra Smith gets high marks for her performance as Kirk while Shatner takes the opportunity to do some master class Shatnering. Justin invokes Just One of the Guys to illustrate an important point the story ignores and both he and Erik theorize why Nichelle Nichols is missing from the episode.

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In honor of its twentieth anniversary, Tread Perilously once again returns to Glenoak to watch the pilot episode of 7th Heaven.

Reverend Camden must face a number of perils while awaiting the arrival of his in-laws. Middle-daughter Lucy is freaking out because her first period will not happen. Elder daughter Mary (aka, Woman Girl) wants to kiss a boy. Eldest Matt is smoking cigarettes and younger son Simon really, really wants a dog.

Justin confuses star Katherine Hicks with Mary Ellen Trainor. Erik sidelines the conversation with the time Fonzie dated a ghost. The Cylon God arrives to destroy the initial recording and both Erik and Justin marvel at Barry Watson's epic hair. Both consider the strange taboo surrounding tampons and Justin finally discovers a character worth championing. Also, Mrs. Peacock manages to save the day.

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