Tread Perilously

Tread Perilously returns to the modern crime procedural with Bones. But its non-format fourth season finale may break Erik.

When Brennan and Mr. B learn a man was killed in their club, all their quirky employees are rounded up for questioning by Mr. B's cop brother. They all hold back key information as Brennan and Mr. B begin to suspect a possible culprit -- not that they're crime-solvers, mind you. As Mr. B gets caught up in a hostile takeover attempt and deals with a flamboyant local hip-hop artist, the gang slowly shows their hands leading to one inevitable outcome: none of this is happening and Brennan is writing the worst crime novel ever while Booth lay in a coma.

Erik tries his best to process what was supposed to be an amnesia episode, but turns out to be a strange mirror universe episode. Justin eventually explains all the "jokes," but they seem to thud in or out of context. A discussion of how heavy-set mafia types ensues while Erik decides it's amazing a cartoon about a Monster Truck Mafia never hit the airwaves in the 1980s.

Now here's Mötley Crüe.

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Tread Perilously hits the streets of Los Angeles circa 1977 with a baffling episode of The Rockford Files.

When Jim Rockford is hired to track down the associates of a disgraced 1930s film director with Nazi sympathies, he gets involved in an art heist, a thirty-five year old murder, possible Nazis -- though they might be Stasi -- and the present-day murder of a man named Buddy. All of this might have something to do with the French police hunting down a missing 1789 painting. But then it might not. Rockford sets up a conspiracy board to keep track of the clues that never really helps. In fact, writer David Chase and director Screen Legend James Coburn probably lost track of the plot as well.

Erik and Justin wax nostalgic about Los Angeles' poor air quality, crappy Studio City apartments. They also determine the price of entry to the Communist Party and once again invoke jokes from Airplane! II: The Sequel. Memories of doughy tough guys lead to a discussion of The Nice Guys and proper screen heavies.

Also, Erik forgets about Megaforce.

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Tread Perilously makes for the Ghost Woods as we take on the worst episode of Twin Peaks: Episode Nineteen, aka "The Black Widow." It's part of the "James leaves town and ends up in a film noir" storyline, but this one has an extra helping of non-action.

While James continues his sojourn down south, Cooper looks into his real estate options. Mike Nelson faces Nadine on the wrestling mat and Bobby Briggs faces Ben Horne's nervous breakdown. He might also take photos of Hank Jennings' meeting with the evil mountie and Jean Renault. The Widow Milford may have killed the mayor's brother with sex, but nobody except the mayor seems to mind all that much. Dick Tremayne thinks little Nicky might be the devil and Coop gets some new info on the people trying to set him up. Audrey appears in this episode, honest.

Justin and Erik relive the horror of James' storyline and Erik defends the presence of Dick Tremayne. Both agree that Chris Mulkey and Sherilyn Fenn deserved far better careers. They also discuss the slightly uncomfortable presence of David Duchovny in a skirt and the many layers the show utilized. A conversation about the upcoming third season leads to Erik's misgivings about the revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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Tread Perilously moves into the uncharted realm of premium cable television with a look at the first three episodes of Girls.

Erik and Justin witness as writer/director/creator Lena Dunham works out her characters and possibly a few personal issues as characters find voices, her protagonist develops into an unlikable anchor and Peter Scolari scores the biggest laugh. Special guest David Duman tries to explain the show's growing momentum, but Justin is far too damaged by scenes in episode two to think coherently. Erik finds things to like in the terrible framing of shots and the slowly emerging comedic core. Both find little difference between Adam Driver's character on the show and Kylo Ren. Will the team press on into more episodes? Will Hannah ever get a job?

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