Tread Perilously
Tread Perilously -- Miami Vice: Tale of the Goat

The final part of Tread Perilously's Assignment: Miami sees Erik and Justin watching "Tale of the Goat," a season two episode of Miami Vice that explores voodoo -- or at least a mid-1980s understanding of it. Tubbs is amused when Crockett warns him about the voodoo believed by Haitian druglord Papa Legba and his followers. Even when Legba appears to rise from the dead, Tubbs continues to doubt until forced to become a zombie himself. Or something.

Erik and Justin discuss the unavoidable racism, their poor understanding of voodoo, loud clothing of the 1980s, Live and Let Die and Edward James Olmos's special style of acting. And despite Justin's well-known dislike of executive producer Michael Mann, he finds things to enjoy about the episode.

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Tread Perilously's Assignment: Miami continues with "Viking Bikers From Mars," featuring show favorite Reb Brown as "Reb," the leader of a biker gang who vows to get revenge for dead drug kingpin "The Wire" and to deliver gold to his sister. Lots of people end up dead or exploded along the way. Crockett plays with his carphone and Tubbs gets shot. Izzy returns again and Reb screams his way to an amazing conclusion.

Erik and Justin discuss their love for Reb Brown, the film Yor: The Hunter from The Future, Trudy's sensible clothes and how hard it must've been for Dick Wolf to take over the show. Also, the Marvel Comics characters Ape-man and Man-ape are invoked.

Also: We still need your suggestions for our upcoming Tread Who Perilously season. Send the titles of your least favorite Doctor Who episodes to

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Tread Perilously -- Miami Vice: The Cows Of October

Assignment: Miami continues with Erik and Justin watching the Miami Vice episode "The Cows of October." The vice squad brushes up against the high stakes bull semen trade, an FBI agent played by Harry Shearer, Cuban Intelligence and frequent vice informant Izzy. The bull sperm is auctioned, lost, and auctioned again as Izzy and Cowboy Calvin work to get a higher payout and Shearer's FBI man tries his hardest to keep miniature cows on US soil.

Erik and Justin discuss the surprise appearance by Law & Order's Dick Wolf in the credits, Erik's surprising knowledge of NBC TV shows and the very objective of television in the 1980s. The KBG's role in spreading conspiracy theories about the John F. Kennedy assassination may also come up.

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Tread Perilously returns with Erik and Justin in "Assignment: Miami." For four weeks, the duo will take on pastels, neon rods and the worst Miami Vice can throw at them. In week one, they face "Missing Hours," notable as many fans' pick as the worst episode of the show.

Officer Big Booty Trudy (as she's called on her desk placard) appears to have been abducted by aliens while investigating the death of a man who jumped through a shop window. Crocket and Tubbs visit James Brown, who also appears in Trudy's hallucination while visiting a houseboat. Chris Rock plays a file clerk with an interest in UFOlogy and Edward James Olmos grumbles.

Erik and Justin discuss the close encounters scale, the film Death Drug and the intoxicating effect of the episode. We also learn Justin's real feelings on Michael Mann.

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