Tread Perilously
Tread Who Perilously Series 2: Episode 6

Erik and Justin's latest stop brings them to 2005 and the first season of the revived Doctor Who. Unfortunately, it means Justin must confront Rose once again as the Doctor confronts the Family Slitheen from Raxacoricofallapatorius. Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North, makes her first appearance and Justin nearly falls asleep during part 1 of the story. Erik and Justin discuss Rose's audience appeal while Justin rates Christopher Eccelston on the Capaldi scale. Local police stop by and aliens fart.

But at least Peri wasn't in this.

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Welcome to Episode 6 of "Yeah, Leave It Here." Today's movie is 2006's The Devil Wears Prada. We discuss how useless the romantic subplots are, how Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci (and Emily Blunt) steal the movie from everyone else, and you'll learn about our wedding vows. Also: Simon Baker plays a sentient bag of dicks.

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Erik and Justin's journey through time and space bring them to 1969 and the world of the Gonds, conquered by the crystalline Krotons. Erik finally introduces his favorite Doctor to Justin while Justin finds himself quite appreciative of Zoe and Jaime bumbles about with a crowbar. The Gond revolution doesn't go so well and the Krotons wear metal skirts. Wavering 1960s BBC production values are discussed and the Doctor Batmans out of the situation.

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Erik and Justin's travels through space and time bring them back to the 1980s and Justin's least favorite period: the John Nathan-Turner era. This week's tale, "Time and the Rani" sees the Doctor regenerate into one of the Istari, a rival Time Lord immediately cosplay as the Doctor's companion and chicken lizard people running with the arm precariously behind their backs. Justin ranks Sylvester McCoy on the Capaldi Scale, Erik reveals he finds Bonnie Langford appealing and both discuss the problem of useless companions. Justin still can't recall Martha Jones by name.

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Welcome to Episode 5 of "Yeah, Leave It Here." Today's elite movie is 1995's Hackers, the Ninetiesest movie that ever Ninetiesed. Did you know that when you hack a computer, math happens? We didn't either! Also, discussions about the prevalence of rollerblading, tunnels full of circuitry, and how Fisher Stevens does not make a frightening villain. And you get to learn our hacker names!


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Erik and Justin's next stop on their travels through time and space brings them to 1965's infamous comedy-musical episode of Doctor Who known as "The Gunfighters." When the Doctor gets a toothache, Justin learns the sheer terror of "The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon." Erik ponders the historical accuracy and both wonder if cowboys had the same mythical cache in the UK as they did in the US. Bad Western accents are spoken and comparisons to "Tombstone" are made.

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Erik and Justin continue their travels through time with a stop in that most dire of eras, early 80s England. Justin discovers what happens when the Doctor wears decorative celery and Erik recalls the number of script editors who passed on today's story, "Time-Flight." Fashions are discussed, technobabble is vomited by the players and Justin re-orders his "Worst of Who" list. The Master continues to be ill-served and Erik tries to defend Peter Davison as one thing becomes clear: Justin hates producer John Nathan-Turner.

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New Satellite Show Episode 27: Justin Saw Ant Man

The group discusses the new Marvel film as Justin declares that he has seen "Ant Man" to everyone's disbelief. Rob stops by to discuss the "In Your Faith" panel at Comic-Con. Erik also tries to talk about the Klingon Lifestyles Presentation. A return to Denmark is aborted and Justin reveals his displeasure with "Ready Player One." This month's Yakmala film is "Superman III." Host: Erik. Panel: Rob, Bryn, Clint, Justin.

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It was a little late coming, but welcome to Episode 4 of "Yeah, Leave It Here." Today's movie is 1998's Ever AfterListen as we discuss such diverse topics as British accents, wall tennis, and Elizabeth Taylor's "White Diamonds." Also, we insult the Belgians.

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Erik and Justin return for a second series through time and space with Paul McGann's only full-length outing as the Doctor, 1996's "Doctor Who: The TV Movie." Justin discovers what happens when the Doctor finds himself in a backdoor pilot for Fox. Eric Roberts hams it up as the Master and we dissect why this is pilot failed to bring "Doctor Who" to the US. McGann's Doctor becomes a favorite and the TARDIS console room is a highlight. Justin takes a quiz on the vital Time Lord plot points in the movie and Erik recalls the time when it seemed there would never be more "Doctor Who" on TV.

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