Tread Perilously

The full audio of Clint and Justin's panel at the Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention, "From Fear to Fiction," in which they discuss how they and other writers mine irrational fears, childhood scares and adult anxieties for stories. Justin also discusses his fear of clowns and ear-slugs. Panelists: Clint & Justin

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Infamous Yakmala members Vera and Tai visit from the UK as the panel of experts discusses the recently released book "The Disaster Artist," sketchy neighborhoods and the dangers of clients selling fertility treatments on the edge of Europe. This month's Yakmala film is c tom's Song of the Blind Girl, but some discussion of Twilight happens anyway. Vera also talks about her run-in with a well-known Brighton-and-Hove comedian; the results are hilarious. Host: Erik. Panel of Experts: Rob, Tai, Vera. Dante, Louis, Justin, Duane. Off-mic moral support: Queta and Lauri.

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