Tread Perilously
Tread Perilously -- 7th Heaven: ... And a Nice Chianti

Tread Perilously returns to Glen Oak, CA this week with another episode of 7th Heaven. In fact, it was Erik's first episode of the series when it aired in 1998; which he is all-too gleeful to mention. While Reverend Camden tries to help a woman who lost her son in an accident and a pregnant teen, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie decide to take the school bus. Matt's car if briefly stolen and menace is personified by mute Hispanic kids.

For Erik, it's an opportunity to explain his fascination with the series and its Jack Webb-esque world view. For Justin, it is a nostalgic trip to his Jr. High alma mater. And though he tries to wrap his head around the show, Justin continues to recoil in terror as the saccharine gets dumped in by the bagful.

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Tread Perilously -- Miami Vice: Tale of the Goat

The final part of Tread Perilously's Assignment: Miami sees Erik and Justin watching "Tale of the Goat," a season two episode of Miami Vice that explores voodoo -- or at least a mid-1980s understanding of it. Tubbs is amused when Crockett warns him about the voodoo believed by Haitian druglord Papa Legba and his followers. Even when Legba appears to rise from the dead, Tubbs continues to doubt until forced to become a zombie himself. Or something.

Erik and Justin discuss the unavoidable racism, their poor understanding of voodoo, loud clothing of the 1980s, Live and Let Die and Edward James Olmos's special style of acting. And despite Justin's well-known dislike of executive producer Michael Mann, he finds things to enjoy about the episode.

Also: We still need your suggestions for our upcoming Tread Who Perilously season. Send the titles of your least favorite Doctor Who episodes to

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Tread Perilously's Assignment: Miami continues with "Viking Bikers From Mars," featuring show favorite Reb Brown as "Reb," the leader of a biker gang who vows to get revenge for dead drug kingpin "The Wire" and to deliver gold to his sister. Lots of people end up dead or exploded along the way. Crockett plays with his carphone and Tubbs gets shot. Izzy returns again and Reb screams his way to an amazing conclusion.

Erik and Justin discuss their love for Reb Brown, the film Yor: The Hunter from The Future, Trudy's sensible clothes and how hard it must've been for Dick Wolf to take over the show. Also, the Marvel Comics characters Ape-man and Man-ape are invoked.

Also: We still need your suggestions for our upcoming Tread Who Perilously season. Send the titles of your least favorite Doctor Who episodes to

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Tread Perilously -- Miami Vice: The Cows Of October

Assignment: Miami continues with Erik and Justin watching the Miami Vice episode "The Cows of October." The vice squad brushes up against the high stakes bull semen trade, an FBI agent played by Harry Shearer, Cuban Intelligence and frequent vice informant Izzy. The bull sperm is auctioned, lost, and auctioned again as Izzy and Cowboy Calvin work to get a higher payout and Shearer's FBI man tries his hardest to keep miniature cows on US soil.

Erik and Justin discuss the surprise appearance by Law & Order's Dick Wolf in the credits, Erik's surprising knowledge of NBC TV shows and the very objective of television in the 1980s. The KBG's role in spreading conspiracy theories about the John F. Kennedy assassination may also come up.

Also, we'll be treading Who perilously again in March, so feel free to give us your suggestions for the worst Doctor Who episodes of each Doctor (except Paul McGann) at

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Tread Perilously returns with Erik and Justin in "Assignment: Miami." For four weeks, the duo will take on pastels, neon rods and the worst Miami Vice can throw at them. In week one, they face "Missing Hours," notable as many fans' pick as the worst episode of the show.

Officer Big Booty Trudy (as she's called on her desk placard) appears to have been abducted by aliens while investigating the death of a man who jumped through a shop window. Crocket and Tubbs visit James Brown, who also appears in Trudy's hallucination while visiting a houseboat. Chris Rock plays a file clerk with an interest in UFOlogy and Edward James Olmos grumbles.

Erik and Justin discuss the close encounters scale, the film Death Drug and the intoxicating effect of the episode. We also learn Justin's real feelings on Michael Mann.

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The Panel of Experts reconvenes for a Danish Xmas featuring Adam Driver, the guy who bought the Remington Electric Shaver company and Charo. Louis returns to goad Erik into a discussion of Tiny House Hunters. An attempt to talk about Danish anarchists ends up focusing on Holland's Zwarte Piet tradition. It's as uncomfortable as it sounds. The Yulemala movie this year is Thomas Kinkade's The Christmas Cottage, but Clint, Dawn and Rob want to sound off about Star Wars.

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It's Christmastime on Tread Perilously! Which means Erik subjected Justin to the family drama classic 7th Heaven. The third season Christmas episode, "Here Comes Santa Claus," sees Matt Camden as a Mall Santa, Mary bringing home a handsome drifter with perfect teeth, Lucy freaking about her boyfriend's Christmas gift, Simon trying to string Christmas lights and Ruthie trying to be funny. Oh, also, Reverend Camden and his wife re-enact the Gift of the Magi. Justin learns about Erik's history with the show, the way the characters evolved after the Christmas episode and why Jessica Biel emerged from the show with a career. Justin also blames Baby Jesus for the lack of creativity when TV writers are confronted with holiday episodes. 

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Justin and Erik divert back to the 24th Century to look at "The Royale," an Star Trek: The Next Generation that apologizes for itself at every turn. Riker, Data and Worf beam down to a world of giant ammonia storms, where a small bubble of breathable air maintains a chintzy Las Vegas hotel with many sordid goings on. But what does this have to do with the corpse of a 21st Century astronaut? Erik and Justin discuss the perils of trying to be intentionally bad and the ease with which noir can go wrong. They also talk about that most infamous of cosplayers from the film Trekkies who claimed his look was inspired by this episode.

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Tread Perilously Grab Bag: K9 and Company

Taking a break from a series and returning to the land of Doctor Who, Justin gets introduced to Elisabeth Sladen and Sara Jane Smith with the lesser light pilot of K9 and Company, "A Girl's Best Friend." Sarah arrives from an assignment abroad to her Aunt Lavina's house in a small British village. Lavina's made tracks for the US, but there are plenty of odd townsfolk to have tea and chat with. Sarah also picks up Lavina's ward Brendan at the train station. It gets murkier from there as the pair discover K9 Mark III back at the house and some local pagans attempt to rough up Brendan. Erik and Justin discuss the origins of K9, Sladen's numerous returns to the series and Doctor Who superfan Ian Levine.

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Tread Titan Perilously: Episode 8

At long last, the end has come. Well, for Erik and Justin at least. While Attack on Titan may go on forever, they will never know how it continued beyond episode twenty-five. One of the characters emerges as the true hero of the series and Dr. Hengle continues to be awesome. Erik's prediction about the Jogger Titan proves to be correct and while he makes a guess about the Colossal Titan, he will never know the truth. Justin wishes the material across the season had been condensed into the twelve episodes, but both find they are happy to have known about Titans and more happy to see the end of them.

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