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Tread Perilously

Aug 16, 2018

Tread Perilously continues its tour of failed TV pilots with 2003's L.A. Confidential.

Hard boiled Los Angeles detective Jack Vincennes (Kiefer Sutherland) will do anything to get transferred back to Narco and bring down a heroin racket. But since he's in stuck in Ad-Vice, he tries to uncover the source of the heroin...

Aug 9, 2018

Tread Perilously continues its month of failed TV Pilots with the 2006 pilot for Aquaman -- aka Mercy Reef.

Occasional SCUBA instructor and animal liberator A.C. (international heartthrob Justin Hartley) spends his days as a lovable rogue and helping his friend Eva (Amber McDonald) run her seaside bar until forces from...

Aug 2, 2018

Tread Perilously begins a special experiment with a month of failed television pilots. Up first, The WB 2004 pilot for Fearless starring Rachel Leigh Cook.

Gaia Moore was born without the "fear gene." Consequently, her reflexes are heightened to compensate for the lack of a fight-or-flight response. While it makes...

Jul 26, 2018

Tread Perilously rounds out Sci-Fi month by taking a long overdue look at Quantum Leap with an episode called "The Play's the Thing."

September 9th, 1969. Sam leaps into the body of Joe, a 25 year-old struggling actor who happens to be dating Jane – a woman 25 years his senior. She recently moved to New York to become...

Jul 12, 2018

Tread Perilously corrects an error by finally taking a look at the Supertrain pilot, "Express to Terror."

Noted industrialist Winfield Root's wish to create an atomic powered transcontinental train service comes to fruition with the maiden voyage of Supertrain. It has a disco, a gym, a salon, a pool and a weird babyman...