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Tread Perilously

Sep 3, 2015

Erik and Justin's next stop in their televisual adventures brings them to 1978 and the Fourth Doctor's first Greek myth-inspired story, "Underworld." The Doctor and Leela help the Minyans aboard starship R1C find the P7E, missing in space for 100,000 years. It becomes unclear if its the past or the future as riffs on Jason, the Sword of Damocles and other Greek myths chase our heroes around miniature sets. Justin reacts to one of the most budget-compromised episodes yet and Erik (weakly) defends his choice to call this a Minotaur episode. Leela is placed on the companion scale. K9 continues his top ranking, despite slow rolls down corridors in this story. And Justin blames John Nathan-Turner for everything, including Stephen Moffat running the current show.